-What to Wear-

Choosing what to wear to your family photography session can be a big decision. In all honesty, I ultimately don’t mind what you wear, as long as you’re happy! If you’re feeling really lost, there are some things that can help make your images stay timeless while still capturing the truth of your family and the way you all like to dress, so here are a few pointers...


Gone are the days when we dress everyone in jeans and a white t-shirt, choose clothes that complement or coordinate with each other without matching.

Choose a colour theme

Pick 1 of your favourite colours and 1-2 complementary colours and then make sure everyone’s outfits have one or more of those colours. For example, I had a mum who chose navy blue as her main colour and brown and white as her “secondary” colours. She wore a navy blue dress with white polkadots, her husband wore a navy blue shirt with brown trousers and her son wore a white onsie, brown trousers and a blue bib with white polkadots. They all coordinated without matching and the result was lovely.

Be Yourself!

By all means, buy yourself something new, but while you’re at the shops be sure to buy something you can see yourself wearing again, same goes for your partner and children. Stay true to your style and wear something comfortable. If you or someone else in your family are wearing something you don’t feel comfortable in, it will show in your photos and you don’t want to be looking back at your photos remembering how uncomfortable you were, you want to look back and think about how fabulous you felt!!


Scarves, hats, bowties, braces, layers, belts, all of these things look great!

Patterns are your friend…

Block colours are fine, but break it up with a bit of texture. The odd plaid shirt, polkadots, thick stripes, florals, look fantastic in your images. In saying that, avoid tops with big logos and bold images that take your eye away from your faces.


It’s a goldmine of ideas so don’t be afraid to have a look. I will warn you though, it can be a bit addictive! If you’re looking for a place to start, why not check out some of the outfits I have already pinned here.


For Maternity images, follow the same rules as for a family session. Although if you're looking for something a bit unique, I also have some maternity gowns which are sheer fabric like in the image of Izzy below. They look lovely for a more fine art style of photo.


For your newborn session, feel free to wear whatever is most comfortable. I rarely photograph your bottom half (except sometimes during lifestyle sessions) so if you want to wear trackies, no one will ever know! The room will be quite warm even in winter so you may want to stick to tshirts, singlets or light weight shirts. Stick to similar shades so you're both wearing either light or dark and not a mixture of both.


If you're planning on doing a collection of images from maternity through to newborn and family, you may like to do what Isabelle and Jamie have done where they chose similar colour themes for all of their images. Now they can hang these on a wall in their home and the images all tie together beautifully.