Capturing your


30 years ago, on a warm december night, 3 days after Christmas, Billie arrived in the world. Her parents and two big sisters nicknamed her Billie Button after the little yellow flowers that grew in their garden. The nickname stuck. 30 years later, Billie has three children of her own which has left her with very little spare time, a messy house and a habit of talking in the third person.

I should probably stop though cause it's really annoying.....

When I’m not being a mum to my three children or taking photographs of people with their own families, you’ll find me sneaking chocolate out of my handbag, reading or with my current knitting project (at the moment it’s a cardigan) in hand.

As a child I always loved to tell stories and this has followed me into adulthood. For me, photography is just an extension of that. Telling your stories and capturing your memories through my camera is, always, such an honour. One day, many years from now, photographs may be some of the only records our families have of our lives and I take this responsibility very seriously. Working as a volunteer photographer for Heartfelt has reminded me how fleeting life can sometimes be and how precious these images really are.

If you are looking for a photographer who is quick, who gets through a photo shoot in minutes, who returns your images before you’ve even arrived home from your shoot… I’m not the photographer for you. I am the photographer who takes my time. I like to get to know you, to spend time with you and to make sure your images are just right. I may not always be quick, but I will be reliable. I am someone you can talk to about how little sleep you got last night, someone who won't mind sitting with you while you feed your newborn who isn’t having the most settled day, someone who understands that your child is nervous and unsure or having a rough day, someone who won’t judge you when your son throws himself on the floor or hides behind your legs because my son does that too sometimes, someone who won’t mind if you need to reschedule or make other plans when your daughter gets sick because my children get sick too and I understand that family always comes first.